Call to action button (CTA) links and usage -WhatsApp, SMS, etc


In this article, we are going to use some link types.

Basic hyperlink

<a href=""> Visit portfolio</a>

If you want to open this link in another window or tab just add target=”_blank” as below

<a href="" target="_blank"> Visit portfolio new tab</a>

If you want to link the same website content use as below

<a href="/portfolio"> Visit portfolio new tab</a>

Phone call

<a href="tel:+33777779955"> Call me</a>

SMS link

<a href="sms:+33777779955"> SMS me</a>

You can use SMS with body content (for android)

<a href="sms:+33777779955?body=Hello...">SMS me</a>

You can use SMS with body content (for iOS iPhone)

<a href="sms:+33777779955&body=Hello...">SMS me</a>

WhatsApp link

Whatsapp link with body content

<a href="">WhatsApp me</a>

Email link

Email link with subject & body content

<a href=" Pirabu&body=Hello...">Mail</a>